i-Anti Theft Wheel Lock System

According to Europol has the extension of the number of countries in the European Community given criminal opportunities.

Also the worldwide economic crisis sharply increased theft incidents in Europe of the number of parked semi-trailers and truck-trailers, or combinations with a tractor-truck. These thefts occurred notwithstanding the many mechanical and/or electronic security measures implemented. Often these vehicle thefts take place when the driver makes a short stop or when the (tractor) semi-trailer is parked along the road or on a parking lot.

These vehicle thefts, often with cargo, are still possible because it turns out that the applied anti-theft security measures can be relatively quick immobilized. If the tractor can be started again and the parking brake can be released, nearly always the semi-trailer or combination is gone!!

It can be stated that as long as wheels of the semi-trailer can rotate, the semi-trailer or truck-trailer with or without cargo, parked or coupled to the tractor-truck, is vulnerable for theft.

Support Innovatie has, as part of an internal innovation study, developed an intelligent-integrated wheel lock idea named "i-Anti Theft Wheel Lock System". The working princi- ple of the wheel lock system is designed for non-driven wheels. In this respect it is also applicable for other automotive- and industrial vehicle applications like trucks, cars, forklifts, etc.

As reference for this idea study served a 9-tons axle of which both wheels can be locked after parking, independently of vehicle´s brake-parking systems.

An implemented "i-Anti Theft Wheel Lock System" will reduce the theft attempts and thefts to the absolute minimum because, if the thief drives away with 2-wheels locked, this creates visual and audible warning signals to the surrounding. Attempts to immobilize on the road this integrated wheel lock system will be very time demanding-hardly impossible. If preferred, also options can be implemented in the system to transmit, during the theft attempt, wireless warning signals.

The "i-Anti Theft Wheel Lock System" idea is security effective for (volume) road transport of for example Electronic-, Automotive-, Defense-, and Medical special and/or value Products & Systems.


TVM, one of the biggest transport insurance companies in Europe, has put the concept of the "i-Anti Theft Wheel Lock System" on their list of security products used to advise their customers.

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