Smart Container - project proposal
The project aims to develop a small flexible “Smart Container” on the basis of future legal-, local requirements and trends which are related to a great part of the current supply chains concerning energy consumption, air and noise pollution during DC-, region-, and city distribution and the belonging security level.

The requirements for the transport vehicles (vans with hybrid- and/or electric propulsion) in combination with the maintainability of the cost, therefore ask for adjustments in the overall supply chain concerning:

  1. Extensive differentiation of products (low-high price, small-medium volume / container)
  2. Compaction of transport movements by combining with other suppliers of goods flows (reduction of property-leasing of commercial vehicles - contract with convenient transport companies)
  3. Shared storage with other companies (local DCs)
  4. Delivery / access 24-hours a day, 7-days a week (evening/night options for distribution)
  5. Adjusted higher-level of goods and transport means (shared transport and storage, possibly with evening/night distribution which increases the risk of theft, vandalism and illegal use)

The objectives and activities of the project proposal have been discussed with amongst other things potential knowledge institutes, sponsors and make industry which which gave a positive support for the project. Participation by a retail organisation(s) can be the start of the project. Retail organisations which want to have more information about the project can contact Support Innovatie.

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