Measuring wheel-end (pay)load using pressurized liquid in a membrane loadcell
2013 / 02 - For sale: Support Innovatie report 2012-04 / “Measuring wheel-end (pay)load using pressurized liquid in a membrane loadcell”. Application for vehicles with rotating bearing outerrings in driven and non-driven wheel-ends, such as for a truck, truck-trailer, semi-truck, van, passenger car, etc.

The idea development for the application of a membrane liquid loadcell in the wheel-end has been performed on the basis of the Research Institute University Twente report 2000-01 “Low Creep and Hysteresis loadcell based upon a force to liquid pressure transformation”.

To-day′s load sensing/measurement system developments in vehicle wheel-ends focus mainly on passenger car applications using specially developed bearing units with rotating inner rings. This bearing unit concept has strain-gauges/wires fitted in the inside or on the outside of the stationary bearing outer ring.

Commercial vehicle wheel-ends use world-wide about 95% rotating outer ring bearings through which the application of the loadcell with straingauges/wires becomes very complex. By the integration of a pressurized liquid membrane loadcell in the wheel-end many standard components can be applied. Doing so the overall development cost of the system for adaptation for driven and non-driven wheel-ends and implementation are therefore relatively low.

The Support Innovatie report 2012-06 / 13 pages in the English language, is not yet previously published and is on sale for € 76,00. The report contains detailed drawings. Front page see PDF-annex. You can order this report with the Support Innovatie site / e-mail option.

After payment on account NL92 RABO 0381 0652 27 - attn. H.J. Kapaan Nieuwegein - The Netherlands, the report PDF version will be sent.

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