Concept development centrifugal manure separator for sale
for source-based slurry separation on the farm

2013 / 11 - The mechanical centrifuge process has the most potential for the further development of an effective and efficient separation of cattle slurry. One can think of a higher dry matter content in the solid fraction by an improved self-cleaning filter system whereby also the maintenance and follow-up processes of the manure separator can be easier and will cost less.

Innovation Support has the mechanical idea and concept developed for source-oriented centrifugal manure separation on the farm. The supply of the slurry from the stable can before or during the import in the centrifuge process be mixed with a material which has a filtering property, whereby:

  1. the moisture content of the solid fraction decreases and the phosphate content increases
  2. and a reduction of nitrogen in the liquid fraction by absorption in the filtering material

The development of this centrifugal manure separator concept meets the future image of the NL- LTO (NL - Agriculture Horiculture Organization), that slurry is a source of minerals, carbon and renewable energy. The value out of slurry must be so addressed that the minerals be used optimally, where:
  1. fertilizer use is minimized
  2. greenhouse gas emissions at traditional use be greatly reduced
  3. if desired, sustainable energy is created
then slurry gets a ‘positive value’ and this will improve the role in the region and country of agriculture significantly.

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