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Many production, assembly and supplier companies have limited and/or insufficient manpower for the development of ideas and concepts for new products or systems.

Support Innovatie offers knowledge, expertise and creativity during the initial phase of the innovation process in order to aid the development of new ideas and concepts for mechanically based products and systems, in particular for automotive and industrial applications.

The products and systems can have static and dynamic functions with rotating or linear movements for example. In combination with connected or integrated power source(s), one of the most important aspects is the improvement of the efficiency of energy consumption. This can be achieved by the reduction of friction and weight for example. Downsizing and cost aspects play an important role in this respect.

In many cases the applied technologies can also be used for agricultural machines for example, and different kinds of materials, production and assembly processes can be applied if necessary.

Whenever possible Support Innovatie strives to obtain property rights for the customer and can offer support with the patent application filing process, if required.

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Idea & Concept development
bridge between  Product & System innovation
and  Business opportunities