Innovation Support activities

Developing Ideas & Concepts is a very complex GATE in the innovation process and usually cost a lot of time and money. This start-up GATE-1 is then also the foundation of new business opportunities for the company or institution.

Innovatie Support can offer support at GATE-1 of the innovation process, based on a draft specification for the productsystem performance and application. After the development of the ideas, concept development can be carried out at the customer's premises. It is of course possible to start directly with concept development if ideas are already available.

Innovatie Support can also independently carry out an Idea & Concept Development Study and use the results later for comparison and evaluation purposes alongside those achieved by customer's own internal studies. A good cooperation between Innovatie Support and the customer will determine the end results to a great extent.

Examples:Specific topics: (PDF-documents)

  Drive by Wire / Smart Actuator systems
   (brake-, steer-, clutch- and CVT bywire, domains,
  Bike Balance - Supports the biker to remain seated during
    a stop. Application for E- and conventional- bike. Report is
    now available!

  Driveline systems
   (cvt, clutch, differential, etc.)
  Vehicle Security - i-Anti Theft Wheel Lock system for
    commercial vehicles and cars. Report is now available!

  Wheel End systems
   (suspension, bearings, brakes, Load Sensing, etc.)
  Load Sensing - (pay)load measurement (non)driven wheels
    for commercial vehicles. Report is now available!

  Hybrid-Electric Drive systems
   (differential + E-motor, axle, etc.)
  Logistics - Smart Container for city distribution with
    evening/night docking option.
  Vehicle Security systems
   (commercial vehicles, cars, forklift trucks, etc.)
  Agriculture & Horticulture machines - Concept develop-
    ment centrifugal manure separator
  Electric Bicycle-Bike
   (bike balance)
  Manufacturing & Assembly technologies
   (e.g. spray quenching to harden metallic rings,
   energy, welding, etc.)
   (smart container)
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Idea & Concept development
bridge between  Product & Systeem innovation
and  Business opportunities